Orange Essential Oil : What are the benefits of orange essential oil and why is it so useful?

In my necklace diffuser today i have Orange Essential Oil. I chose this for today as i'm in need of an energy boost for both my body & mind. Due to lack of sleep and being run down i'm feeling more anxious than normal so i knew Orange Essential oil would be good for me today. 
According to 'Organic Facts' : "Research published in the Advanced Biomedical Research journal suggests that natural essential oil of orange helps reduce pulse rate and salivary cortisol that is secreted when one is in a state of anxiety.

The recorded core properties of Orange essential oil are:
- anti-inflammatory
- antidepressant
- antispasmodic
- antiseptic
- aphrodisiac
- carminative
- diuretic
- detoxifying

The cleansing and detoxifying properties support the lymphatic system encouraging elimination of excess fluids and waste products. The diuretic properties can help reduce water retention and cellulite. Orange Essential oil also helps to boost defenses against coughs & colds.

You will probably have noticed that many health & beauty products contain the scent of orange. It has a fantastic refreshing scent and is often linked with giving us an energy boost.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Orange Essential Oil (Latin name: Citrus sinensis) is expressed from the rind of the fruit. The oil is usually a pale orange yellow colour with a sweet, fresh and fruity smell. It is great for using in massage oil blends & homemade beauty products such as lotions because of the 
antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal ingredient to use on your skin. It is also fantastic in your home diffuser, mixed with Lemon & Eucalyptus is makes a fantastic immune boosting blend for all the family*. It smells great too!

My other top essential oils to blend with orange are frankincense,
 black pepper, and sandalwood 

If you use Orange Essential Oil i would love to know what for and what you think of it? Let me know in the comments. 

*All opinions are my own. Remember to always dilute essential oils before using them and to consult a qualified aromatherapist if you have any medication conditions or questions. Take care to seek advice before using in homes with pets or young children. 


Great post! I never thought about using essential oils, but reading this post has me thinking about it, especially when you mentioned the orange essential oil giving energy. I really need that. Really informative ♥
Anonymous said…
"Orange Essential Oil : What are the benefits of orange essential oil and why is it so useful?"

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