My journey into the world of Botanical Art & Photography begins...

I have found for a while now, since completing my art & design degree that i have felt a little lost. I haven't had a core goal and focus in life, until now.

I was looking back over my art and photography when i realised that without knowing it i had developed a focus and interest in botanicals. I love flowers and i love to garden, i also love long walks around open gardens such as Bicton Gardens where my sons and i often take photos of the stunning flowers.

I often find myself sketching and painting flowers, usually in a abstract or sketchy form but i would really like to challenge myself now to develop my artistic skills. I spent some time doing lots of reseach and have found there are many courses that i would like to take including one by the 'Society of Botanical Artists' this course is much more advanced than my current level so i plan to practice and take part in other courses with a goal of attending the course when i feel i have reached the level required (and saved up enough!). My ultimate life goal now is to eventually become a member of the 'Society of Botanical Artists'. I feel this will give me something to really focus on, something separate from my day job as a craft shop owner / craft product designer. Something for me, that i can also share with my family as to be honest i think this all began with my son Finley and his amazing eye for floral photography, at just 5 (nearly 6) Finley takes amazing photos of the flowers on our walks together and he has inspired me to follow this path, one i believe we will share and enjoy together.