Pencil sketch flowers : My Botanical art journey continues...

I have a couple more floral sketches to share with you today. These i created on Wednesday evening after hours of browsing my Botanical art books (see this post for info on which books i'm referring too)

Obviously i am still a beginner and there are lots of mistakes but i'm pretty pleased that i managed to get them to look enough like the flower i was aiming for that people recognized them when i did a 'guess the flower' on instagram & facebook.

After spending lots of time on pencil sketches i feel like next week i will be ready to start introducing colour. I've not decided which medium yet though, probably watercolour, pencils or maybe acrylic.

I'd love to know what you think of these sketches, can you guess the flowers i've tried to draw? 


Lovely Kerri-Ann hugs x

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