Sketchy starting points - Botanical Art journey...

I spent yesterday evening working on my pen sketch flower forms, whilst i await some of the Botanical art books i've ordered to help me get started properly.
The abstract sketchy style comes naturally to me, it's something i've always done as a way to relax. True form pen and pencil drawings on the other hand are going to be a real challenge for me so i'm looking forward to seeing how the books i've ordered can help me.

I've gone for:

these three were currently on offer via the above links so i thought it was a great opportunity to get myself started.

I tend to use mainly Faber Castell pens when sketching, i find the variety of nib sizes helpful and i love the true black ink. - As they were on offer using the above link i treated myself to a pack with 8 different sizes.
Thought these are very rough sketches i'm pleased that i managed to get in some practice on the first day of my new art journey. 


Book recommendations...