Botanical Art Studio & Courtyard in Seaton, Devon

 Well i'm pleased to say the studio is built! A massive thanks goes to Seaton's Regency Windows for the fantastic job on the build. I now officially have a conservatory style studio attached to Imagine Design Create. There is still a lot of work to do before it is ready to use. I've finished painting it in a plain white i was going to have grey walls but decided i like white better as it is lovely and bright.

The photo you can see to the left is of the end i will use for my studio space, i'm still waiting on the plumber to move the tap under one of my units as it needs to be put on the outside wall so i can have a hose to look after my plants. Once that is done the unit will stand up straight too! 

I obviously need flooring at some point but for now i'm leaving as it is until the layout is finalised. As you can see it looks out onto my little courtyard garden which i love, it is now a beautiful little space we can use as part of the studio / workshops as well as enjoy our coffee breaks in.

If you'd like to pop in for a sneak peak you are very welcome to as i'll be in through the week until 2pm most days. Once it is finished and the rest of the furniture arrives i'll do a proper video tour and some better photos.


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