Botanical art studio updates & progress

Hello everyone, 

I'm super excited to let you all know that we are in the final stages of our studio being build. We are now just awaiting on the plasterer to come and get the walls done and then they can sort out the final touches. As you can see the boys were glad to have access to the garden again, they are excited for the studio too.

Now the garden is finally cleared of equipment, tools and rubble i have done my best to sweep up and put out the tables & chairs. I have a lot of work to do to get the plants back to full life, i've not been able to get to them very well for a few weeks so i do hope they are not all ruined! - I'll be enjoying a couple of trips to the garden center too to get myself some more, i want a garden full of colour! I plan to hold all sorts of creative and plant related events here once all complete including a plant swap & shop inspired by a lady who popped in and asked if we would be doing a plant exchange. I think it is a great idea and hopefully i can hold events here once we are all set up.


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