Home grown posies and updates on my botanical studio

Hello all, hope you are all keeping well in this lovely weather.

Unfortunately my plants don't seem to be enjoying it, as i grow everything in pots it is a really difficult task keeping up with the watering ensuring that i don't over or under water the different plants that all require different amounts! It has required a lot of research and trail and error!
We have been lucky though that many of our 'cut flowers' are doing really well, so well in fact that Finley and i have been freshly picking them each morning and selling them as posy bunches in the shop. They come in pretty little glass vases so make perfect gifts. 

I've have two books that have helped me along the way, i would highly recommend them as they have really helped me to create the courtyard garden that i dreamed of:

The Cut Flower Patch : This book helped me select the right flowers for using as cut flowers.

The Kitchen Garden :  This is great for anyone who wants to start growing fruit & veg alongside flowers in their garden.

I'm still working on the courtyard but i'm pleased with how it is looking so far. 

My botanical studio is in it's final stages, i cannot wait to paint it up and put in the furniture. I'm so excited to finally have an art studio for myself and to share with you all. I'll be offering various botanical themed classes including painting, flower pressing and more.


Book recommendations...