Seaton's Botanical Studio & Courtyard NOW OPEN : A big Thank You to those mentioned

Today was the official opening of my Botanical Studio in Seaton. We had a showcase of beautiful artwork & photography from local artists including Karen Farndon, Sara Perry, Laura Turner and of course my son Finley.

The studio & courtyard will now be open daily during shop opening hours. I will be here most days working in my corner on various pieces and the open space will be used for workshops run by me and local artists, it will be available for customers to enjoy coffee & cake and I'm happy to hire the space to those looking for somewhere to run classes or use as a studio themselves. (Booked up through September already with very few gaps)

I have some important people to thank who played a big part in the process of getting my studio. Firstly Alison C Board who inspired me to get back into art, to believe in myself and to stop worrying about being judged. After visiting Alison in her stunning studio during Dorset art weeks I purchased one of her pieces and had a chat with her about what was holding me back, she assured me I was not alone and that we all go through such times, I doubt even she knows just how much our short chat inspired me. I went home and made plans to put aside my fears and to build myself a studio space that would motivate and inspire me as much as hers did (obviously I couldn't buy a farm to put it on but next to my courtyard is good enough for me!)
Read more about my visit to Alison's studio here

A big thanks to the local artists mentioned above for their support in today's opening and wanting to showcase their stunning work here.

I also need to thank local firms Seaton Regency Windows for the fantastic Job on the build and Seaton carpets for fitting my flooring.

Most importantly I need to thank my son's Reuben & Finley for putting up with me as a mum, it can't be easy and Jon & his parents for always being there for me, life with me is like a rollercoaster with my poor health and constant need to challenge myself with new courses & projects. I don't have close family so they have very much taken me on as part of theirs which I cannot thank them enough for. Jon's dad even spent two days helping me on my new allotment (travelling an hour each way both times!) this week but that's another story!

So all in all I feel very grateful to all those mentioned above and everyone who has been in to visit, I hope you will enjoy the space as much as me.


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