Bottles and containers for aromatherapy blends : Blue Glass Bottles and where to find them

I spend a lot of time working with essential oils in my studio, i use them for so many different things that i need to have on hand a wide range of bottles and containers suitable for the different blends.

I often get asked where i buy them and what i use them for so i thought it would be helpful to do a short blog for you to help you find them.

I obviously sell some in my Botanical Studio in Seaton, but i only sell them individually. If you are looking to bulk buy, or buy more than one then below is a list of places that i have found to be the most reasonable prices and best quality.

The reason i purchase mainly blue glass bottles is that i find they are of better quality, the d
ark glass helps to keep out deteriorating sunlight which helps the beautiful aromas and the essential oils properties last for longer and of course because they go with all my lovely Neal's Yard goodies! All the bottles are also long lasting and re-usable so no waste.

Atomiser Spray Bottles - 50ml 
Atomiser Spray Bottles - 100ml 
Spray Bottles - 500ml
Atomiser bottles are fantastic for making deodorants, room scent sprays,  perfumes and anti bacterial sprays to use around the home.

Pipette Bottles - 10ml
Pipette bottles are brilliant for creating oil blends in, especially good for sample bottles to give to friends / clients to test new oil blends before creating a larger bottle.

Dropper Bottles - 10ml 
These are brilliant for mixing essential oil blends that friends / clients can then use in their diffusers or mix with their base products such as body wash, lotions and ointments.

Rollerball Bottles - 5ml
Rollerball Bottles - 10ml 
Rollerball bottles are what i use most often. I create a range of remedy roller blends for friends, family and clients. I use the 5ml ones for samples and then once they are happy with the blend i create them one in the 10ml bottle. As they can be re-used i offer a re-fill service.

Lotion Pump Bottles - 8oz
Lotion pump bottles - 100ml
Lotion Pump bottles - 50ml 
Lotion pump bottles are brilliant for using with your wash, lotion and ointment blends.

If / when  find other bottles or bargains i'll make sure i update this post.

*Please remember to be careful when using essential oils, always follow dilution guidelines. Seek advice from a qualified professional if you have any questions or concerns. 


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