'A Little Bit' Herb Based Products

I recently came across a small business called 'A Little Bit' that offer a range of herb based food products. Obviously being passionate about all things Botanical and always wanting to support small businesses I had to find out more...

I browsed the website (very stylish one I must say) and I decided to order a small gift box selection that I plan to give as a present. (If I don't change my mind & keep them myself, they look so yummy!)

The website information about the gift box was:

Makes a perfect gift, or have a wonderfully indulgent moment and treat yourself to our fabulous herby gift box.
A delicious medley of Fresh Oregano & Aubergine Dip, Fresh Mint, Pea & Parsley Dip, Fresh Rosemary and Tomato Ketchup. All accompanied by a packet of Fresh herb seeds and compostable pot so you can try growing some herbs of your very own.
Dietary info: Gluten & Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans

On arrival the packaging was impressive, stylish & recyclable. I also recieved a re-useable bag too.

As for the taste I can't say yet as I honestly haven't decided if they will be gifted or consumed! I have to say though I was impressed with the service & the look of the products.

Find out more about 'A Little Bit' here 


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