Creating decorative displays with cacti, succulents & other houseplants

I've had a lovely day potting up houseplants. I really enjoy creating these pretty potted plants, they make great gifts.

I used a range of different glasses and pots that I found in my stash. I had lots at home that I used to use for a variety of things but now they are homes for cacti & succulents

I found some fantastic gravels and sands that look great as top layers. I used a special soil mix for the different plants and then used white perlite, gravel and decorative sands for the tops. 

This Aloe Vera plant looks super cool in a retro pink plant pot I found. 

I'd love to know what you think of my houseplant display creations?...


Carol Tummon said…

I love your succulent displays. I only wish I had space to have such items. They're really lovely and the pink pot is really fab.

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