Fox & Ivy Botanical themed dinnerware | can you name the designer?


Blogtober is upon us...can i really create enough botanical themed content for every day of the month? I don't know if i can, but i'll sure give it a go!

On a recent food shopping trip to Tesco Jon came home with the most BEAUTIFUL mug i think i have ever seen. I loved it so much that i had to research the brand. I found on the tag the brand name 'Fox & Ivy' and found out that it is an exclusive range designed for Tesco, though i couldn't see anymore information online as it directed me in store to see more. The photo did show more items in a similar style, all with beautiful botanical designs with a hint of gold!

The particular mug i have from the range (as shown in the picture) is stunning, floral all the way around with a gold base and gold handle. It is a fantastic size too, perfect for my coffee!

I'd love to know who the designer was, i think it is a shame that some companies don't openly promote their designers.

If you design floral dining goods or even homeware, i'd love to see a link to your shop as i'm always on the lookout for beautiful things to put in my studio and around my home! 


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