Which essential oils help you sleep better? | Meet the Lumie

I've been using essential oils personally now for years and more recently with my holistic therapy clients. I have got to know what works for me doesn't work for all of my clients, we are all different after all. It is about testing out different oil blends to find the right blend for you.

Recently I've been asked a lot about the best oils for night time, to help get a good night's sleep. Now there a number of essential oils well known for their relaxing and calming properties but just because they are good for calming doesn't make them the best for getting a quality night's sleep.

My personal favourites that help me drift off into a good sleep are:
Ylang Ylang

Depending on my mood i use them alone or together, they work really well as a blend. I use them in my diffuser but they can also be used topically in a massage oil blend or as a mister spray.

I have also had feedback from clients that Lavender and Chamomile work well for them though they are not my favourites they are well known to be good night time oils.

If you are looking for a pre-blended oil I can obviously help create a personalised one to suit but it is definitely worth considering 'Night Time's by NYR. Their blend contains Lavender & Vetiver. It states that "This blend of grounding vetiver and relaxing lavender brings welcome relief when you find it difficult to relax and switch off. It will stop your mind whirring and give you a refreshing night’s sleep."

It is a beautiful light aroma, relaxing and lovely to drift off with. You can see it in the photo above, I have been using it in the evening for a while and more recently together with my recent investment (and I have to say, the best investment I could have made!)...

The Lumie. It is not just a diffuser, it has a nightlight, alarm clock and two diffuser chambers for morning and night blends. There are many programming options, you can chose to have the special fading light lightly wake you together with the aroma of your choice (which is a beautiful way to wake) or can opt to also have a sounded alarm - good if you are a heavy sleeper! You can also set it to diffuse for a set period of time at night whilst the light slowly dims until it turns off as you fall asleep, it is utter bliss! I have been so impressed with the Lumie since getting it that I'm saving up now to get one for my boys room.

If you'd like to find out more about the Lumie you can see it here.

If you'd like to discuss me creating a personalised 'Bedtime Blend' of essential oils for you please do get in touch.

*Remember that there are sometimes side effects of getting into a deep sleep, for example vivid and strange dreams. Though the benefits of getting a good quality night's sleep far outway the dreams you are likely to soon forget.


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