My top 3 Botanical based shower products

Now I will be honest here and admit that my favourite shower products change as they very much depend on how my skin & scalp is at the time. Unfortunately I have an auto-immune disease call Guttate Psoriasis (read more about it here) and so I have to be very careful with how I treat my skin and my scalp. Thankfully Neal's Yard Botanical based products have been working really well for me alongside my medicated products when I need them 'mid flare up'

My top 3 shower products for when my skin is not mid flare up are as pictured above:

Shampoo & Conditioner - Nurturing Rose
My hair is very dry and damaged due to the medication I am often on to try and control my scalp. I have found this shampoo & conditioner range to be the best one for helping revitalise my dry hair. It gives it a lovely smooth, healthy finish.

Shower Gel - Citrus 
I find that the scent gives me a real boost of energy to wake me up and set me up for the day. It is a nice natural feeking gel that doesn't damage my skin even during flare ups.

I do also like to create my own scented shower & bath products, I'll explain more about those in another post.

What are your favourite shower products?


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