Tea Tree Essential Oil | What are the benefits and why is it so useful?

Tea Tree (Melaleuca altrernifolia)

Tea Tree is a small shrub like tree that can sometimes reach 20 feet, it has off white flowers and needle like leaves.
This essential oil is usually steam or water distilled from leaves and twigs of the tree. Usually a colourless or pale yellow liquid, it is said to have a strong, spicy, fresh camphoraceous smell. Often used as a top note.

Tea Tree essential oil has been in use for many years. It is said that aborigines use the crushed leaves to treat infected wounds and skin problems and that it was kept in battlefield first aid kits for infections. It is well known as one of the most 'medicinal' essential oils.

Core Properties:
- Antiseptic
- Antimicrobial
- Antifungal
- Toning
- Stimulating
- Cleansing

Tea Tree is often used to help treat infections such as colds, flu and sinusitis. One of the best methods for treatment is a steam inhalation. Another personal tip is to use it in your necklace diffuser especially when friends or family that you are going to be around has a cold, blend it with another oil like lemon and it will also smell great through the day.

Tea Tree essential oil is also good for treating spots & cold sores. You can apply it neat* using a cotton but taking care to onto touch the affected area and not the surrounding skin.

Tea tree essential oil is great for treating urinary and genital infections such as cyctitis and thrush. The best method for application for this would be in a diluted form in a bath.

My top 5 essential oils that blend well with Tea Tree are:
- Rosemary
- Lavender
- Lemon
- Lime
- Eucalptus

Spiritual properties
Tea Tree is thought to invigorate mind, body and spirit. Known to inspire confidence and dispel negative energies. A great oil to diffuse at home when in need of grounding and strengthening.

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*All opinions are my own. Remember to always dilute essential oils before using them and to consult a qualified aromatherapist if you have any medical conditions or questions. Take care to seek advice before using in homes with pets or young children.


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Tea tree oil is one of my very favorite oils! My hubby permanently smells like it as he occasionally puts it in his dreads, as it keeps bugs and things away. Amazing stuff!
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