Top 3 Easy Care Indoor Plants | Houseplants for lazy people #flowerfriday

Spider Plant
Many are put off by the name but these super cool plants are really easy to care for. All you need is a spot in the sunlight and to water them weekly. They will produce shoots, often called 'babies', which work well for propagation (if you want to create more plants!), they are easy to re-pot giving you more plants to fill up your home or give as a gift.

12cm starter plant avaialble here 

Indoor Hyacinth
'Forced' Hyacinths are great for adding a splash of colour inside your home towards to gloomy months. They are also fascinating to grow. You can grow indoor hyacinths in pots in soil or in Hyacinth vases that come in a variety of styles, this is my favourite method because my sons and i find it so fascinating watching the development week on week. It is important that you buy the correct bulbs for growing indoors so be sure to select a variety that states 'indoor'.

Hyacinth Vase available for just £3.35 here
Indoor Hyacinth bulb gift set available here

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)
This pretty plant will trail whereever you lead it. Easy to care for and likes a light spot but avoid putting near radiators as doesn't like the heat. Water weekly / bi-weekly depending on the size.
*Highly toxic, do not allow pets or humans to eat!

English Ivy starter plant available here

Looking to learn more about caring for indoor plants? I highly recommend these books:

Practical House Plant 
How not to kill your house plant


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Really interesting post, I am hopeless at keeping plants alive and I always wish I could have plants in my house! 😂💕💖

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