A tour of my Studio in Seaton

I've had my studio now for a few months and I'm slowly getting it how I want it. My craft & art style has changed so much through 2018, finding what works for me.

I still use stamps, stencils, paints, pens etc but my main focus has very much switched to using natural materials.

I have a number of shelves with glass jars that hold materials like cork, log slices, star anise, cinnamon sticks etc

I dry flowers in a darker room through the summer months but over the winter I can hand dry them in the studio. They then are great for using in crafting. 

Inside the white boxes are all my other craft materials, so things I've been using for years like Imagine Design Create stamps & stencils, Tonic Studios drops, glitter mediums and pens. You'll be surprised how those sorts of craft materials actually work really well in art & nature inspired crafts too. I've got some new videos planned to show you soon, fingers crossed I get time to film soon!

On the opposite side to my workspace is a display & seating area for visitors. Then out through the windows & doors is my beautiful courtyard garden.


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