Reasons why you need a Cactus in your life

I personally love all houseplants, there is just something special about having them around my home. If you were thinking about getting a cactus for your home here are a few reasons why you should go get one now:

1. They look great! - there are so many varieties to choose from each with a unique look.

2. They are easy to care for, one of the easiest houseplants i would go as far as to say. (Though they do need some care so be sure to read up about them)

3. They are a great talking point - having a selection of different cacti on display in your home make a great talking point people like to ask questions about them.

Interested in finding out more about Cacti? I recommend these books:

The little book of Cacti


Thinking of buying a Cactus? Check out these links:

Cactus Mix - 5 plants 

Cactus Mix - 10 plants 

Cactus Kit - Grow your own Cactus


Book recommendations...