Experimenting with Watercolours and pigment powders

I used a photo of a single aster together with Tracedown to create outlines of the flowers in my chosen composition. 

I then used masking fluid to cover the petals and flower centres. I was careful not to overmask to petals ensuring the gaps were left for the background colours to get to. 

Once fully masked I left it to dry.

Next I used a water Spritzer to cover the page in water ensuring no area left dry.

I then used infusion powders to create the background. I tapped on the powder over the water. I payed close attention to the areas around the flower using a brush loaded with water to move around the pigment and create darker tones closer to the flower. 

After leaving to fully dry I was able to remove the masking fluid and begin working on the flowers. 

I used my DR Watercolour pan set with a selection of DR round brushes. I layered the colours gradually beginning lightly adding depth of colours over time. 

I used the photo as a refference paying close attention to the purple tones showing on the inner parts of the petals. 

In the centres of the flowers I used Lemonchello infusion powder. 

After reading an article by Alison C Board in a recent issue of 'PAINT' i decided to consider taking more photos of my finished work and digitally enhancing the images to create a variety of print styles and card print options. 

Products used: 

Personal photograph of an aster
HB Pencil 


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