Kitchen Garden updates : June 2019

My first kitchen garden bounty... Small but perfect!

This year so far has been full of experiments in the garden. I've been growing in a wide range of containers, in different areas in the garden all from seed started in my small coldframe.

This year I wanted to try tumbling tom tomatoes and strawberry plants in hanging baskets.

All are growing well so far, my 'tomato forest' as the kids have named it is looking healthy. I have back up tomato plants in pots around the garden too. Next to it are herb planters and in front are cosmos and calendula.

The dwarf beans growing together with flowers are doing really well. It is great that I can grow plants together even in contains. 

You really can have a kitchen garden in the smallest of places, even if you have no ground to grow in.

Containers are fantastic for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers of many kinds. It is well worth experimenting!

I also have a small allotment, I'll update you with that progress soon.


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