Plant pot recycling in Seaton

As a keen gardener I spend a lot of time in my little courtyard, I grow as much as I can from seed which involves using plant pots of different types and sizes.

Although I have tried various biodegradable pots, including toilet roll tubes, I always seem to favour the sturdy plastic pots as they are re-useable and I get much better growing results. The only downside i have found is that once broken they are difficult to recycle as the type of plastic most are made from is not suitable for recyling yet. (Progress is being made by many companies on this and so you will find lots on the market that will bio-degrade now)

I have found though a number of ways to recycle those naughty plastic pots in my gardening including placing at the bottom of large pots to aid in drainage, creating artwork in the forms of plastic weather proof sculptures and repairing them to re-use.

Some of you may not have the space or want to store lots of plastic pots so i thought i would offer my Botanical studio as a place where you can drop off old pots of any types and sizes, i can then re-use them, recycle them and have a store of them here on site to use to plant up seedlings that i offer for sale out the front of the shop. I will also contact local schools to let them know that if they need plastic pots for growing projects they will be able to collect them from me free of charge.

If this is of any help to anyone you will find me at 30 Queen Street, Seaton. You can drop off the pots anytime during opening times. You can't miss the shop, it is the one with all the flowers outside the front!

You are very welcome to stop by for a look around the courtyard, i have become a master of container gardening (due to no ground i can grow in) so i have lots of flowers, shrubs and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables all growing in containers out the back.

If you are interested in gardening and use Instagram you will find me here. 


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