Watercolour flower studies - Iris #flowerfriday

I spent today working on a selection of pieces all focused on purple irises. I had a fantastic time working in a range of styles from abstract, semi-abstract, impressionist and figurative.

The first piece pictured here is my favourite finished piece. It is the style I want to work in more as a develop my skills in florals. I used watercolour and pen.

The second picture shows one of the pieces I created and framed ready to showcase at tonight's Botanica Gallery opening.

As you can see the piece above was much more loose in its style with less detail and form leaning more towards a semi abstract style.

Whereas this piece has more details in though it's background flows more smoothly. 

Working on specific flower studies has really helped me to develop my work and has given me an opportunity to test out a range of art styles. 

I used SAA watercolours, SAA brushes, Daler Rowney Gouache and SAA watercolor paper for these pieces. 


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