Art & Ageism - What are your thoughts?

Art & Ageism

"Ageism - noun - prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person's age." as Google Dictionary states. 

I have noticed that ageism is a thing and it is very apparent in the art world. I've worked in the creative industry now for over 10 years and various different capacities. In craft and design i didn't notice ageism much but in the art world i have certainly felt the sting! 

I don't consider myself young anymore, being 30 i consider myself very much approaching mid-age. I have two children age 7 and nearly 9 who remind me daily that i am certainly not young anymore. That being said however i seem to be young in comparison to the majority of people who i meet in the art world. Art society members, fellow gallery owners, those wanting to take part in art lessons and those who come along to visit my art gallery and art shop. 

On a number of occasions i have had people who speak with me on the phone after seeing my work in the window or online somewhere and who want to book art lessons or an art demonstration. They have already seen my artwork, made their judgement on my skill / art style and taken the step to contact me but upon meeting me mention my age and question my experience. 

Though thankfully this doesn't happen too often it has
certainly happened enough to make me question if others have ever felt ageism in the art industry?





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