Digitalis commonly known as Foxgloves | Botanical Studies #flowerfriday


Interestingly many think of foxgloves as a weed, they are well known for self seeding. I however LOVE them and i purchased my first foxglove plant in 2018.

Since then i have purchased seeds and will also be attempting this year to grow some from seed to plant at my allotment.

5th April 2019 i noticed leaves in some of the pots i was pretty sure that i planted Foxgloves in the previous year but couldn't be certain as there were no labels (when will i learn!) After a few more weeks is was obvious that they were foxgloves as they grew tall and the beautiful blooms began to appear.

Getting Creative 
Foxgloves are not very good for pressing, i found the blooms a little too sticky to press well. They are however wonderful for painting and drawing inspiration.

Growing and CareI found that mine needed no special care once fully grown at all, they just need to be watered if it gets overly hot. They self seeded over the years in various pots around my garden after i purchased my first one.


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