Getting the kids to sow seeds

Today during home schooling we did some gardening. A birthday present that had been in the shed for months came in handy. It came with seeds, soil & instructions so the boys were able to set up their own little growing station themselves.

This kit is designed so that the children can see the development of the roots. I've no idea how successful it will be but they enjoyed it.

We then decided to use up the leftover seeds using old plastic tubs that previously had mushrooms in (purchased from the shop) and some compost. The boys did everything, filling pots, making the little drainage holes, putting the seeds in & watering. Then they designed their own labels. 

It was lovely to be out in the sunshine in our tiny little courtyard. We always sow seeds this time of year but we have sown at least double the amount this year with everything going on it has given us a focus. 

Hopefully if they are all successful we'll be able to donate some seedlings to families who want to start a veg patch in their garden like us. 


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