Planting up extra seeds to keep busy

Today i planted up another batch of seeds in the hope that they will do well on the window of my little shop. The window is a sun trap and as the shop is closed for the foreseeable future due to the current pandemic i might as well make use of the space!

As you can see below i have already filled the conservatory studio space. 

Living above my shop has its pros & cons but in the current situation we find ourselves in it has proven to be helpful as i can keep an eye on everything and though i only have a very small garden it is still an outdoor space for me and the kids to escape to.

I've always loved growing fruits and vegetables which is why i took on an allotment only a couple of years ago. I'm using my one excersize outdoors trip a day to check on my allotment, water the plants and dig over the beads in preparation for planting everything out. (obviously following all government guidelines)

If you have a garden now would be a great time to make a space for growing salad, fruits and vegetables. If you are in need of seeds or equipment there still companies able to deliver to your home. Some you'll find in your local area do please try to support your local independent businesses where possible here in Seaton we have Animal Botanical and Abbots still able to deliver gardening related goods. Alternatively if you don't have a local independent shop able to help then there will be other online companies you can order from.

Make sure you check back here regularly for ideas and tips on growing on both an allotment and in a small garden. 


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