Allotment progress | May 2020

I've had my allotment now for 2 years and i'm finally starting to feel happy with the progress. It has been a real challenge with it being on a slope, being smaller that i had hoped for and also having no wire fence around it meant that everything kept getting eaten! 

I have built raised beds, added the greenhouse and made pathways over the past year all have helped me to see things come together. 

One other big challenge i have found is that the ground is very poor for growing, it doesn't seem to have any nutrients for the plants. I've been advised to add manure and have topped with compost in some areas. In the end i gave up on a few spaces and turned them into raised beds with compost which seem to be doing much better.

I have loved having this space to escape to though and the boys have enjoyed seeing the flowers and our food growing here. I'm going to keep going with it and hopefully next year it will look even better! 


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