Jars of Happiness in Seaton

This year I will be attempting to create 'jars of happiness' using cut flowers from my little courtyard garden. 

I'll be using recycled jars, vases and glasses to create little floral displays using flowers and foliage I've home grown. If you've visited my courtyard before you'll know it fills with colour over the summer months as I jam pack as many flowers as possible. 

Obviously I'm not a trained florist, I'm just a lover of flowers wanting to play around with floral designs. If you know me you know I struggle with my mental health, being outside in my garden taking care of my flowers gives me the opportunity to unwind and relax. Creating these little floral display jars makes me happy and hopefully they will make you smile too. 

They will be available for sale whenever I have enough flowers / jars to create them in my little shop at 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RB. 

They will be priced from just £2, I'm selling them to earn a little pocket money towards new seeds and garden supplies so I can grow even more flowers in the future. 

So if you spot these 'Jars of happiness' In the window for sale and would like to purchase one just pop in and let me know. 



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