New seeds, bulbs & potatoes

Today I went shopping for gardening supplies. I purchased a selection of seeds from Lidl including courgette which I had run out of. I also purchased sunflowers which are a cutting variety, I'm looking forward to seeing how well they grow. 

I purchased some seed potatoes, I've sown 5 in this homemade planter I made that is in my courtyard and will show the other 5 at the allotment. 

I purchased some gladioli bulbs for my perennial cut flower collection. I've sown half at the allotment and half at home. I'm looking forward to seeing how well these do. 

I also purchased a chilli plant and two tumbling tomato plants which I went to the allotment and got planted straight away. I got some new gravel trays to put on the new stand I'm going to get Monday for the conservatory to give me more space for seedlings. 

I'm loving this warmer weather lately, it has been lovely to work outside in. 


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