Seedlings available in Seaton (and how you can help us achieve our dreams)


If you are walking past 30 Queen Street, Seaton (Devon Art Supplies) you may well notice that the seedlings are in the window again and ready for sale. I've been doing this now for the past 3 years around this time of year and been selling houseplants i propagate at home for the past 4 years. 

I've always loved gardening its a big part of my life and one of the things i find most relaxing, if you like me struggle with mental health issues i highly recommend gardening, even on a tiny scale. I like to grow my own fruits, vegetables and flowers for cutting, i don't have much space as i only have a small courtyard and more recently a small allotment but i do my best to jam pack in as much as i can for my family and also for the bees! Bees are so important and i feel like it's each and every one of our responsibility to look after them. If you can grow just a few extra pots of flowers this year you'll be helping the bees and you'll get the benefit of the beautiful colourful display too. 

I have a range of seedling available this year and many more will go out over the coming weeks. I've turned my little conservatory into a greenhouse space now, somewhere i can attempt to grow more varieties of vegetables and flowers throughout the year rather than just spring. 

Available for sale right now are 

Tomatoes (Alicante) 
Tomatoes (Sweet Baby)
Sunflowers (various varieties) 
and more 

My long term goal is to save up to purchase some land locally which i can turn into a smallholding. I'd love to be able to grow more fruits, vegetables and flowers for my family and friends and maybe even work on building in some community related growing projects. Its a long way off yet, I've a lot of saving up to do but every seedling you purchase (or anything from 30 Queen Street, Seaton) helps not only to keep our little family shop open but also keeps our little dream of a smallholding alive. 

Thank you as always for your support. 

P.S - If you want to support us but don't need anything from the shop you can help by liking our new You Tube channel and sharing this post with your friends to get the word out! 

Tomatoes and Tulips on You Tube 


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