What flowers can you sow in May?


Are you thinking about sowing seeds this May?
Wondering what flower seeds you can sow in the month of May? 

Some of the flowers that i like to sow in May include the following. Some of them i sow in my greenhouse (which is actually a little conservatory) and some i direct sow outside into pots or the ground. 

In the greenhouse i start off: 
Foxgloves (biennials) 
Dianthus (biennials) 
Wallflowers (biennials) 
Lupins (perennial) 
Delphiniums (perennial) 
Aqualegia (perennial) 

I often direct sow: 
Poppy (some varieties) 

Some other early May news from me and my little garden...

This is my recently purchased 'Bleeding Heart' flower that i potted up and put out in the garden. I've been really pleased with this flower and I've tested these as cut flowers, they last for 7 days looking really fresh and bright then after about 8 days i started to notice a difference but they still looked good. 

The above photo is of my late April - Early May cut flowers from the garden. This is the first year that i'm attempting to cut flowers from the garden and i'm looking forward to testing out different flowers in water to find out how long they last. 

These are my 'Honesty' flowers, they are stunning! They are beautiful in the planter but also great as a cut flower. I've tested this in water and so far they have lasted 7 days and still look great, they smell beautiful too. 


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