Why is it important to care about bees?

Bees (and other insects) are so important to our ecosystem, the environment and to our ability to survive on earth. We rely on bees in so many ways that i think we sometimes forget how important they are. 

Bees are one of many important pollinators that help us to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers, without them we would have to resort to other more costly and time consuming methods. The foods they help to pollinate are not just for us, they are for other animals too so bees are essential to the food chain for humans, birds, mammals and others. Not only do bees help pollinate fruits, vegetables and flowers they also help pollinate some trees too and we all know that trees are essential to life on earth. 

These are just a few of the reasons that i feel bees are important, i could go on to list many more. 

If you care about bees (and other insects) you can help by planting flowers for them and also by including a small bee bath in your garden. The one you see pictured above is a little homemade one that i created for my shopfront flower planter. It is an old glass dish with some seaglass and marbles in i then added some water but ensuring some of the top stones are exposed so the bees can rest on them to drink. You can create these very simply and cheaply using items around your home. 

If you plant just a few extra pots / planters or borders or your garden with flowers this year you'll be helping bees, insects and the environment as a whole. You'll also get a beautiful display of colour too, win win! 

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