Using a conservatory as a greenhouse


This year i turned my small conservatory into a greenhouse, a place that i can grow seedlings and look after my plants. Previously the space was used as part of my shop, a sort of art studio where i would paint. After lockdown though i realised that i wanted to increase the amount of produce i was growing at home for my family, i wanted to us become as self sufficient as possible. This lead me to consider how i could sow more seeds and also how i could create more space for more plants to grow. I only have a very small garden and a small allotment. 

I have learnt that it can be expensive starting up growing your own if you don't have ground to simply sow directly into, as an investment is needed in plant pots, saucers (for inside use) good quality compost and seeds. 

Thankfully i had many small pots and seed trays saved as i recycle them year on year. I also had a great selection of seeds that i've collected over the years. The main investment i needed to make was in additional units to hold the pots and compost. I have though got myself two compost bins which i will use going forward in the hope that i can in future create me own compost for larger posts and only purchase potting compost in the future. 

I'm really pleased with how my conservatory space is working for me as a greenhouse so far. Plenty of light any warmth for the plants through what has been a real rollercoast of weather. There have been long frosts, long weeks with no rain and then sudden weeks full of rain. It's been really odd weather this year actually. I'm hopeful that by having some indoor and some outside i'll get even better results that in previous years. 

I still have my traditional style glass greenhouse at my allotment so i will be growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in there two it's just i'll have more in the conservatory greenhouse to experiment and see that the difference ends up being. 

I have been thinking about the issue of pollination for plants inside the greenhouse and have decided that on really warm days i'll open up the door rather than just the windows and see if nature works its magic. I've also learnt about a technique using a fluffy brush to pollinate so i may look further into this is i don't see any bees out and about in there on warm days. 

I've had great success with my seedlings in the conservatory greenhouse, it has been no different sowing seeds in there than it was in the glass greenhouse. Very similar results for each. This year i did notice that some seeds just didn't germinate and many took much longer to germinate that previous years but this was the same in both the traditional glass greenhouse and the conservatory greenhouse. 

If you are thinking of using your conservatory as a greenhouse i'd say give it a try! It's worked for me. As long as you don't mind it getting a bit more messy that usually, especially the floor. Also important to keep it well ventilated to avoid chances of damp and mold due to the moisture from watering plants.

Happy gardening all  


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