Courtyard Garden Updates | June 2021


Finally, things are starting to grow!

It's taken much longer than usually for all of my plants to start blooming and growing this year, a long cold and wet April / May meant that nothing really wanted to grow for a long while. This month though suddenly the garden has come to life. 

The kitchen garden items are stating to come along well, i've already been picking lettuce and raddish. Tomatoes are behind this year so i likely won't get to crop these for a while, as it the peas, cucumbers and courgettes. All are miles behind where they usually would be this time of year. 

My greenhouse tomatoes, i say greenhouse, i actually mean conservatory, are growing really well. Whether this will mean that we get a great crop of tomatoes i'm yet to find out. 

I'm really pleased with how the garden is coming along this year, it has been much slower progress but is finally starting to look pretty and be productive. 

Having additional growing space this year has been great, i've been able to have more edibles at home rather than everything up on the plot. 

I've got 3 buckets of potatoes growing at home this year, all are leafy and one is already in flower. Looking forward to seeing how these come along. 

I'd love to hear how you are all getting along with your gardens this year, if you blog about your gardening or have a social media account about gardening let me know where to find you in the comments. 


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