Allotment progress | April 2022

April 25th - 27th 
We've been working hard on the allotment this week, doing our best to battle against the grass and weeds to prepare the beds for plantings. The above photo shows some before, I wish I had more before photos to share because it really has come so far in just one week. 

This was the first bed we cleared, the first bed as you walk into the allotment. 

Next we cleared the second bed in, and as you can see some of th leek bed which was being taken over by grass. 

Then we made a start on the 3rd bed though we haven't finished this one yet. 

There is more that we've done but I can't find the photos to share, we've made a new pond area (I'll try find the photos of this to share and document soon as I like to go back and look how far we've come) and we tidied up the greenhouse too. 

I'm really pleased with the progress we've made this week, I owe a lot of thanks to my husband and also to my children for their hard work.  I'm looking forward to getting plants into the ground no, need to wait a little while longer though because nothing is big enough and the temperatures are still not quite right here in the south west UK. 

I will admit that i feel sad sometimes that my plot doesn't look like the beautiful immaculate plots that my retired neighbours have. They are able to spend much more time there making it beautiful, mine is a lot more rustic. Unfortunately I don't have the money to spend on a brand new fence or cage everything in, i am a little jealous but i also hope that my rustic plot is kind to the bugs and beasties.



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