Courtyard Garden Updates | April 2022

Another year without my dream homestead and just a small courtyard garden and allotment to keep me busy. They strange thing is that even though both are really small spaces because there is so much more i want to be doing, so many ideas and plans i have that i would do if i had a larger space it can be difficult to shut my brain off and really focus on looking after the smaller spaces that i do have. 

I spend the weekend, after work on Saturday and all day on Sunday tidying up and organising my courtyard and allotment. This is a photo of my courtyard on April 24th 2022. You can probably tell it looks very different to last year, i've moved a lot around to try things in different areas and also to make as much space as possible for growing a variety of edibles and flowers. 

I've got a new waterbut for the courtyard this year, i already have one slimline one just outside of my courtyard which I use to look after my shopfront planter and the plants here but i want to avoid using the hose pipe as much as possible this year with rising costs so another waterbut should help me with this. Hopefully. I have'nt installed it yet as i'm awaiting some building works to be finished this week and a new garden gate to be put on before i put it up. 

One thing i really must do this year is to label all the plant pots when the perennials show up as every year i have the same issue of not knowing what is in the pant pots, especially the ones that fully die back. There are so many that I'm still waiting to show signs of life before i clear them out and replant. 

I'm focusing on perennials this year again as ideally I would like for the garden to spring into life itself each year without the need for me to sow too many annuals or buy any to give the space colour. That way  can focus on sowing edible seeds for the family to enjoy through the year. 



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