Growing herbs from seed in the UK | April 2021


This year i have been experimenting with growing more things from seed. I found that i had a large selection of seeds that i'd not tried sowing before and thought it was time i tried growing more from seed. 

I found that i had a wide variety of herb seeds in my selection and spent some time looking into the best ways to grow herbs from seed. Some places recommended sowing herb seeds directly outside where i wanted them to stay and some recommended sowing herb seeds indoors until ready. I decided to try both methods. 

I sowed herb seeds directly into one of my outside planters (in April), into fresh compost. I covered some and i left others uncovered. Those that were uncovered didn't come to anything, those covered did come up, all be it very slowly, but they didn't really come of much. In fact with the heavy rain storms we had they drowned i think. 

The seeds i has sown in pots and had in my conservatory did best, i transplanted them out once established and they so far are doing well.

I've dedicated a whole planter in the courtyard to herbs now and i will be doing more research on them and hopefully adding more to my collection over the coming months and years. 

*Disclaimer, this is simply how i do it. I'm not saying this is the right way but it works for me! 


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