How to make money from your gardening hobby | Ways to earn an income from a homestead in the UK


Gardening can fast become an addictive hobby, it can also become an expensive one, if you let it. 

There are ways though that you can keep costs down and I talk about this in various posts here on my blog, there are also ways you can make a little income from your gardening hobby and that is what I want to talk about in this blog post. 

*Disclaimer - it is important to check the laws in your country about making money, in many countries you must declare all earnings so this is something to research and consider before attempting to sell anything and make an income from your gardening hobby. If you are in the UK here is a handy link you can use to check if you need to declare your earnings:

So onto the ways in which you can create an income through your gardening hobby (a small one but every penny counts these days)

Sell cut flowers 
Another way you can make money is by selling bunches of cut flowers or little jam jar posies of cut flowers. This works really well in the summer time. Again, research on price is key and use recycled jars to keep costs down. It is important to experiment with the shelf life of the cut flowers you use so that you don't cut too many posies and bunches that will wilt before they sell. 

Selling Seedlings 
If you sow lots of seeds and you have a great success rate with germination you could consider selling some of your seedlings to friends, your community, in an honesty box in your front garden or via online market places e.g. social media groups etc. Remember to charge enough to cover your costs (pot, compost and seeds) and make a little on top. 

Selling established plants  
If you have multiples of the same plant and you are wanting to free up some space for new plants you could consider selling some of your established plants. Make sure they are in good condition and research what price they sell for in local garden centers to help you price your plant correctly.

Selling cuttings of your plants 
There are many plants that grow successfully from cuttings so it is possible to many money from plants you already own. You could consider selling fresh cuttings on demand or you could make cuttings and grow them into established plants to sell. Again, remember to do your research to help get prices right and take care of the cuttings whilst they are growing. 

Selling seeds
If you are able to collect seeds from your plants you could consider selling them (check the laws in your country) online and locally. Remember to research how to collect them, store them and package them as different seeds need to be looked after in different ways. 

Selling your excess produce 
You could sell your excess produce, this depends on the laws of your country and also if there are restrictions in your area. Some allotments for example have rules about selling anything you harvest so it is important to check this. If there are no restrictions in your area then you could consider selling your excess produce in an honesty box, to friends and family or by letting people know on social media groups that you have produce for sale. 

There you have it, 6 ways you could make money from your gardening hobby. Now there are likely many more, these are just a few of the ones that I think are probably the easiest to do for beginners. 

If you have any other ways you'd like to share feel free to let me know in the comments. 


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