Perennials you can eat | Swiss Chard White Silver


One of the things I love about gardening is the learning process, there is always something new to learn. I didn't realise there were a number of edible plants that are perennial, by that I mean you sow and plant them once and they come back to feed you year after year. 

I knew this was tree of a number of fruits, I have a blueberry plant, plum tree, rhubarb, raspberry bushes, gooseberry bushes and blackcurrants. I didn't know there were vegetables that do it too though, this was something I learnt by accident. I left my white chard in over winter and when clearing through the beds both at my allotment and in my garden I found healthy looking white chard that is growing new growth and after testing tastes great! 

We use white chard raw, usually with salads but you can cook it too. It is easy to grow and doesn't need much care so if you are looking for a salad item to grow I highly recommend giving White Chard a go. 

The White Chard seeds I used can be found here. 

Other White Chard seeds that I've had success with, click here. 


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