Purple Sprouting


I managed a trip to the allotment today, after weeks of trying to pull myself together and get the courage to go I finally made it...not on my own still, my husband came, but its progress. 

If you don't know me you are probably wondering why it's a big deal. I have bipolar, and recently I've been struggling with my anxiety and not been able to leave my home without a family member / friend being with me. I'm slowly starting to come out of it but it's an ongoing challenge. 

It has meant my allotment suffered, I haven't been there as much as I would have liked. I missed it a lot and there is a lot to do to get it back up and running fully but thanks to previous years of hard work and plenty of perennials it isn't looking too bad. 

The purple sprouting I planted last year was still going strong, plenty for me to harvest today. The fruit bushes are coming back, the plum tree is looking healthy and the rhubarb is looking great. 

I'm hopeful that I'll get back into routine of going there myself now and will be sure to get more photos next time! 

The garden is coming back to life too, the seedlings I planted a few weeks ago are not showing yet though, hopefully soon. 


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