3 ways to use Chive flowers | Chives and Chive Blossoms

I absolutely love chives, I use them in salads and in cooking too. This time of year is great for harvesting fresh chives. I've got chive growing in my garden in planters and also in the allotment that self seeds each year. 

This year I have been researching how I can make use of the chive flowers. I've read they are great but I have never personally used them, only the green parts of the chive plant. I've always just admired them as a splash of colour amongst the green. 

I collected some chive flowers from the allotment and I'm going to test out these 3 ways of using them that I found through researching in books and online: 

1. Raw chive flowers in a salad 
Apparently chive flowers make a great addition to salads, added raw to a leafy salad mix they can add an extra flavour profile. 

2. Chive flower infused vinegar to use as a salad dressing 
Apparently chive flower infused vinegar is a great salad dressing and can be used in cooking.

3. Cheese and chive flower savory biscuits 
Apparently these savory biscuits are super tasty, I'm looking forward to making and trying these. 

According to what I've read the chive flowers will have a light onion taste. 

I'll update soon with how I get on trying out these ways to use chive flowers. 

If you have already made use of chive flowers I would love to hear how, let me know in the comments if you have any top tips or suggestions on how to use them. 



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