Herb drying experiment

Drying herbs has been popular for centuries, it is something people do for many different reasons and the herbs once dried are used for a variety of uses too. 

Some people use them in cooking, some use them medicinally, some in their spiritual practices and there are probably other uses too. 

Traditionally you would dry herbs in bunches, you'd tie them up and hang them in a dark cool place leaving them for months to dry out naturally. Some people choose to dehydrate them in the oven and some in a dehydrating machine like this one. 

Another popular way people dry herbs is in a drying rack, like this one. This isn't something I've tried myself yet though I will look into getting this one and giving it a go soon I think. 

I wanted to try a different method, one that I wasn't sure whether it would work or not. I have put a selection of jars, like these, on a sunny window side, in the jars I've placed leaf cuttings of different herbs. I've left the lids off the jars so that any moisture can escape as I know that if I put the lids on the moisture would be trapped and the leaves would likely just go moldy. 

I've no idea if this will work, I just wanted to see if there was a way to naturally and quickly dry leaf cuttings rather than larger bunches of herbs. I'm going to check in on these over the coming weeks and assess whether they are dry and useable or if this experiment has failed. 

Links to some of the items mentioned: 

*Experiment started 1st May - I'll check in soon with updates* 



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