Interested in learning how to grow your own food at home? FREE workshop in Seaton, Devon


Learning to grow you own food I feel has become more important than ever with raising costs and potential food shortages looming. 

I've been growing food at home for many years now and although not an expert I would love to help others who don't yet have the confidence learn how they can grow their own food at home, even in the smallest of spaces and on a tight budget. 

If you would be interested in learning more then I would be happy to run a free face to face workshop here in my studio and courtyard talking about budget gardening ideas, starting seeds, making use of things you already own to get gardening, the best annual and perennial edibles to grow and answer as many questions about getting started with growing your own food as I can. 

If this is of interest please do let me know in the comments or via email to so that I can look to book in a day and time to run a small workshop, it would have to be limited numbers for each session held due to space in the studio and courtyard but I will happily run more than one if there is enough interest. 

Further workshops I'd also be happy to run would be: |

Foraging safely for wild foods 
Saving and storing seeds 
Preserving your harvest 
Propagating plants & growing from cuttings 

If you want to learn but don't want to attend a face to face meeting then please do bookmark this blog as I'll be sharing tips and tricks here and also subscribe to my Youtube channel where I'll be uploading videos and sharing my journey to becoming as self sufficient as possible. 

Tomatoes & Tulips on Youtube. 

*Important disclaimer: I'm no expert, I'm simply a mum who has been growing her own food for her family for many years and wants to help others to do the same. I've learnt through research and experimentation to find ways that work for me and my family. 


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