Leek & Potato Soup | Using your home grown produce


In the last week of April we harvested the last of our batch of leeks. We chopped and froze the majority ready to use as and when we need them but used a couple of them to make a very yummy leeks and potato soup. 

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I didn't really follow a recipe to make this soup, instead I just chucked the ingredients into my soup maker and hoped for the best, often I find the best soups come from me doing this! 

In the soup maker I put: 

2 chopped leeks 
1 large potato chopped into small cubes (with the skin on) 
1 veg stock cube
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper 

This has to be one of the quickest and easiest soups I've ever made and it was actually really tasty, the colour doesn't look very appetizing but if you can get past the colour it tastes good, is filling and quite healthy. 

As you can see my eldest son, who is 11 was very happy. Growing food and learning how to use it has been so great for our family, it is something we can all do together, it gets us out into the fresh air and gets the kids learning about food, where is comes from and how to cook it too. 

If you are thinking of growing your own leeks from seed i can recommend these: 


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