Should I open or close my greenhouse window and door in the winter?


If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, you like me, will probably be trying to make the most of it throughout the year. One of the things I've been wondering and I'm sure many other gardeners do is whether the greenhouse door and windows should be open or closed, particularly in the winter cooler months. 

The answer to this question, I've found, varies very much depending on your location and also what plants you have growing in the greenhouse at any given time. 

During the cool winter months it can be tempting to close the greenhouse doors and window to try and keep it as warm as possible all day, I've learnt though that ventilation is really important and so its worth keeping open one of the windows very slightly through the day if possible and then closing it at night when the temperature drops.

If this isn't possible I recommend opening it every other day at least to make sure the greenhouse is ventilated. Good ventilation helps plants overwinter healthily, is also helps air circulate reducing the risk of plants rotting or fungus growing. 


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