Allotment updates | 8th June 2022 | South west UK Allotment


Here are some photos of the allotment progress for 8th June 2022. 
My allotment is only a small half plot size in the south west of the UK, it is on a slope and the soil isn't the greatest of quality. I grow in some raised beds, in the ground and in a greenhouse. 

Finley's radish and lettuce leaf bed seems to be doing really well. Looking forward to harvesting some of this! 

This area is packed full now, lots that is currently small but i hope will grow and offer some great crops. At the back is the wildlife pond and to the right of it is some honesty plants and a new raspberry that just went in. A pumpkin in front of that and the the railings are supporting runner beans and mangetout. In the gap are a few lettuce and then down the right edge close to the path are some leeks. That then leads to 7 tomato plants and the other side of the wooden plant are some cucumber. 

On the left of the path are 5 courgette plants and some sunflowers and possible some gladioli, I need to add more flowers next year but waiting to see what appears first.  

I've planted in some lettuce along the edge of the grow bag in the greenhouse. We'll have to wait and see how these get on but I'm hopeful they will do well. They've done well in the past. 

In this bed I've got carrots, parsnips and leeks. Germination was a little hit and miss with the leeks but one has germinated in each of the poles (my parsnip pole experiment) which is good. Looking forward to seeing how they get on this year. 

This Tomato 'Totem' which I purchased as a baby plant when I was in a panic that none of mine wee germinating (panic over, over did actually do well in the end) Is looking like it will give a good crop. It is rather short and dumpy because it is a dwarf variety that requires no side shoot removal. I'm going to attempt collecting seeds from 

The other tomato plant I purchased is doing really well too. This one is in the ground, in the greenhouse, not a grow bag and seems to be quite happy. 

The cucumber in the greenhouse is doing really well, I've spotted at least 3 cucumbers growing. Fingers crossed for a good crop. 

I've got 2 courgette plants in the greenhouse this year, I wanted to see if I could push for an early crop on the greenhouse ones to give me some courgettes before the outside ones start to offer any. So far so good. It looks like the idea is working. 


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