Homemade bread using a bread machine | Life skills as an urban homesteader

A few years ago I treated myself to a bread maker, to this day it has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've always loved fresh bread and wanted to be able to make my own at home but I didn't feel confident enough to make it myself and bake it in the oven. 

Using a break machine has meant that I can have fresh homemade bread without making a mess or taking up too much time. I can also control the ingredients in the bread which means I can experiment with different flavours and textures but also means there are no additional preservatives in the bread I'm making like there would often be in store brought breads. 

I simply weigh out the ingredients into the machine and it does all the work for me, as you can see below. 

I can choose from 3 different size loafs if making the basic recipes included in the book that came with the break maker, which means that I can avoid any waste as I can make as little or as much as we need for each week ahead. 

The loaf we use most is a 'soft white' recipe, though more recently I've been experimenting with wholemeal but so far they've not been quite as good (in terms of the rising and texture) as the soft white loaves have been. It will take a little more experimentation and tweaking of the recipes to find the perfect loaf I think. 

I know you are not supposed to cut warm bread straight from the bread maker but warm homemade bread with butter is one of the most tasty things on earth so some times I am naughty and cut it before it has cooled. 

I know that it probably costs more making bread at home ourselves using the electricity of a bread maker, a basic white sandwich loaf in a supermarket I think is around 65p and I'm not too sure how much electricity this machine is using or exactly how much is is costing me in ingredients (so far I've calculated 25p for bread flour, 14p for yeast, I need to calculate the butter etc) but it is worth it for the quality of the bread and the fact we can experiment with different types of bread. 

I couldn't find a link to my specific bread maker but these ones I've heard are great: 

EONBON - Bread machine 

This smaller bread maker looks great and is really affordable 



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