Robin nesting in my shed | June 2022

This week on my allotment I found that my little robin friend, who often watches me as I'm working on the plot, has made a nest in my shed and appears to be hatching some eggs. I think she is getting in through the gap in the door. She's been very tolerant of me opening and closing the shed door and doesn't seem too worried about me coming in and out. She obviously trusts me as she's seen me go in and out regularly without disturbing her. 

I've put a couple of videos of her on my Youtube recently, you'll be able to see just how beautiful she is and how clever too, building the nest she has in one of my plastic pots. 

If you haven't already it would be great if you could subscribe to my Youtube channel. It is something I'm trying to build up alongside running this blog. If you know me then you will know my long term goal is to move to a small holding one day and so building up my blog and my Youtube will be two ways I can earn a little income whilst running the small holding, hopefully. 



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