Avoiding waste in the kitchen | Homemade Banana Bread | Urban Homestead Life

I think the majority of us will admit to forgetting about a couple of bananas and letting them go overripe at least once in our lifetime. If this happens to you DON'T just chuck them out. There are many different ways you can avoid wasting them. There are tones of recipes online and in books that feature the use of over ripe bananas. One of the most popular, and one we use quite a lot in our urban homestead, is banana bread. 

A classic favourite that can be served on its own, with custard, with ice cream or even with a fancy frosting. Most often in our home it is served with a side of fresh fruit at breakfast time as a fun alternative to cereal. 

I'm sure everyone knows how to make banana bread since it became famous in lockdown but if you don't, or you are just interested to see how we do it, check out my little video below which features the recipe we use to make perfect banana bread every time. 

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