Garden & allotment harvest July 2022


My little garden and small allotment patch have been doing well over the past few months. I've been able to harvest a good amount which we've used and some I've been preserving for use later in the year. 

These cucumbers have done really well, from just two plants outside in the garden, I've been getting a great crop. The skins can be peeled on these and used as salad cucumbers or they are perfect for picking and eating like gherkins. 

We've nearly gone through all our lettuce so we are now bulking the salad leaves out with nasturtium leaves now. I've sown more lettuce regularly but due to the heat and dry weather they are not germinating well unfortunately.  

Tomatoes are in full swing now, we are getting a great crop of the small ones, yellow and red. The larger ones are still green at the moment but should hopefully start ripening now. 
We've been enjoying some lovely tomato salads, we've been using them with our homegrown basil which has been delicious together with feta cheese. 

We've been using the tomatoes fresh and I've not had enough to preserve any yet. I think maybe next year I need to plan even more. We do have lots more to come, only the ones in the greenhouse are currently ripe. The ones in the garden and outside at the allotment are all still green. 


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